Innovative Organizations
Anticipate Dramatic Change

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said, "there is nothing permanent except change." At Clarity Concepts we believe that a key competitive advantage is the ability of an organization to react quickly to changing conditions—incremental ones, such as fluctuating interest rates, and disruptive change such as acts of God, and dramatic political change.

We believe organizations that continuously strive to understand and anticipate possible futures, and teach their employees to grasp corporate strategy in changing times, will compete effectively and protect shareholder value. We therefore offer cutting-edge consulting and design services in these areas:

Scenario planning: exploring uncertainties, risks and future environments and creating action plans

Corporate vision and strategy: gaining direction and team alignment through collaborative visioning

Risk-management and futuring: facilitated worksession which combines future scenarios with risk-mapping tools to explore and value areas of high risk and crisis management. Read more>>

Customer-focused consulting: Clarity Concepts is on the forefront of the movement to drive deep customer understanding to all levels of management. Design-based tools and the Customer Focus Audit provide the basis for our service package, which enhances marketing, customer service efforts, and business strategy.

Appreciative Inquiry: an advanced group futuring worksession which identifies existing positive strengths within an organization, using the power of individuals to effect rapid, sustainable change.

Change Management: we have worked with major multinationals and government agencies alike to engineer strategic change from the project level to the organizational/cultural plane. Contact Us to find out more about our change leadership offerings.

Risk Consulting Services: since 1996 Clarity Concepts has offered Risk Consulting Services to large organizations in manufacturing and financial services. Read more>>