Group & Organizational Training

Leadership Training

Learning Objectives:
• Team development skills need to be learned
• Working Groups are different and distinct from Teams
• Groups experience natural growth processes and challenges
• The style of the leader will influence the group’s growth and development

Client Goals:
• Leadership Development
• Enhanced work productivity
• Embracing Change Management Tools

Learning Module I:

Group Dynamics
Educational and experiential teaching focused on the essentials of productive teams with a specific emphasis on Trust and Structure.

Motivating People
Experiential learning in how different personality styles communicate and are motivated. This study includes a brief overview of personality studies and neurolinguistic programming (NLP).

Coaching Skills
Using the motivational and facilitation skills training to develop your groups and employees to their true potential. This module includes using SWOT analysis and moving towards facilitated versus directed learning.

Learning Module II:

Presentation Skills
Presentation design and practice, including the understanding of developing an emotional response from your audience and overcoming your personal public speaking fears.

Negotiations Skills
Win/Win negotiation skills training focused on understanding needs, boundaries, and the effect of communication styles and deadlines on negotiated outcomes.

Facilitation Skills
Practice, practice, practice in facilitation skills to mine the incredible effects of brainstorming, and of actively listening to your customers and employees for forward-thinking ideas to boost productivity, competitiveness, and new products/services.

Teambuilding for Organizational Effectiveness

Learning Objectives:

• Team decisions are often better than individual decisions
• Successful teamwork requires great listening skills and open participation
• Meeting codes of conduct can provide the structure for open communication
• Feedback is an important aspect of group effectiveness

Client Goals:
• Employee Empowerment
• Developing Self-Directed Work Teams
• Embracing Change Management Tools
• Leadership Development

Learning Module I:

Teambuilding Experiences
Specifically designed role plays, survival exercises and games that illustrate the loss of valuable data and input when decisionmaking and input is not fully shared within a group.

Brainstorming Methods
Innovation techniques to gather as much input and energy as possible which will stimulate creative "out of the box" thinking.

Running Effective Meetings
An exploration process that illustrates the successes and failures of many business meetings and coaches participants on developing meeting codes of conduct.

Learning Module II:

Communications Training
Exercises in listening, eliciting feedback and inquiry to illustrate the necessity of attentive listening. This module includes an element of developing self-knowledge concerning your own listening style.

Decisionmaking Processes
Practice in inclusive decision-making and an exploration of directive versus consensus decision-making. Different methods are practiced and examined.

Conflict Resolution
Constructive feedback practices and listening skills create a tool for resolving roadblocks typical to many working groups.

Strategic Innovation Training

Learning Objectives:

• Learn powerful methodologies for anticipating future challenges
• Generate new ideas and solutions
• Deliver advanced techniques for insight into customer needs
• Learn tools for "deep dive" into business opportunities and prototypes

Client Goals:
• Anticipate future challenges and opportunities
• Develop leading-edge new products, services and cost-savings
• Generate alignment and vision in groups
• Propagate techniques for strategic innovation

Learning Module I:

Scenario Planning
Using group visioning to explore future challenges and opportunities; generating strategy and robust action plans to navigate through these challenges.

Appreciative Inquiry
A new method of visioning, empowering all levels of the organization to think positively about capabilities and act on them to forge new directions.

Business Case Presentations
Using prototypes for new business opportunities to generate mock presentations which produce leadership buy-in and structure for viable business plans.

Learning Module II:
Observational research into the unarticulated needs of the customer, discovering exciting new opportunities for innovations, products and services.

Customer Insight
Exercises which take market research and ethnography to a new level of understanding, by putting a tangible human face on the subject.

Rapid Prototyping
Using the methods of product design to generate a multitude of ideas and swiftly synthesize team output into real-life prototypes of valuable new products and services.

Customer Service Training

At Clarity Concepts we train Customer Service Representatives (CSR’s) in Outside-In Thinking: looking at your service offerings through the customer’s eyes, from the outside in, becomes a highly effective and sustainable competitive advantage. Many industry players, such as those in the technology and financial services, have enduring cultures of "inside-out:" firms develop products and services based on what they, the "insiders," think the public wants. But successful innovators in these fields will adopt a strong customer-focused culture. Clarity Concepts trains front-line reps and supervisors in how to effectively listen to the customer’s needs, and how to creatively treat the need—thus generating additional service opportunities and positive word of mouth.

Learning Modules
• Competing on Value not Price
• Positive Word of Mouth
• The Outside-In Thinking method
• Emotionally Intelligent Customer Service
• Turning Customer Complaints into Opportunity

Reps who complete our training improve these abilities:
• Leadership and supervisory skills
• Tactical skill in handling complaints
• Recognizing hidden service opportunities
• Training coworkers in effective service

Not only does our Customer Service Training develop effective CSR’s, it yields effective new ideas and techniques specific to your business – generated by the reps themselves. This is an illustration of how we deliver tangible value through training.