Risk Consulting

Risk Management is defined as the systematic Identification, Measurement, and Analysis of Risk & Crisis Issues facing a firm. Once identified, each risk is assessed and managed in a variety of ways: from transfer through insurance or contract, internal control processes, or a decision to avoid particular risk issues. Clarity Concepts has extensive expertise in corporate risk management and related insurance strategies.

Clarity Concepts provides a variety of risk consulting services to large organizations. Jane M. Downey earned her BA in Risk Management and Insurance, with a double major in Accounting, from Temple University. Her work experience includes positions in Risk Management with PaineWebber and West Pharmaceutical Services as well as insurance brokerage experience at Hobbs Group. Jane has taught Risk Management in Temple’s Fox School of Business and Crisis Management at Penn State’s Great Valley Graduate Program.

Jane brings a unique blend of her work in leadership consulting with her risk expertise. Projects that combine this knowledge of group process include:

• Workers Compensation and Safety Team enhancement and claims reduction
• Executive Strategy Sessions and Corporate Governance
• Corporate Risk Assessment
• Crisis Management and Disaster Recovery Planning
• Insurance Broker Assessment and Selection

Clients include Main Line Health Systems (now Jefferson), Genencor International, Schott Corporation, Humphrey Systems, Riscorp and HMA.

Outsourced Risk Management

Clarity Concepts has provided Outsourced Risk Management services to Schott Corporation/Carl Zeiss, Inc. since 1996. This work includes management of US broker Marsh, Inc, as well as serving as liaison to the worldwide Risk manager in Germany. This work includes advising on allocations for over 15 divisions and companies generating over $1 billion in US revenues. Specific projects in addition to the risk-consulting retainer include Workers Compensation Claims reduction for specific divisions and Property claims negotiations. On going outsourced risk consulting is available to select clients only.

Expert Witness Insurance and Risk Consulting

Jane Downey is a nationally known expert on litigated issues concerning risk and insurance. She has worked for McKenna & Cuneo and others as insurance expert on issues concerning insurance placement and broker service.


Technical Risk Management Workshops

In addition to university teaching, Clarity Concepts provides insurance education to brokerage firms and internal risk management departments. The topics for this work can range from preparation for the Associate in Risk Management program to specific product line or risk management studies. This work has been provided to Commerce National, Samsung, and CIGNA International.

Broker Leadership Training

Additionally, Clarity Concepts has combined its leadership consulting with its knowledge of the insurance industry to serve those firms working in the field. This work can include motivational workshops, customer service audits and executive strategy. Clients of this work include Commerce National and NAPCO.

Corporate Governance Consulting and Training

In response to the enhanced level of scrutiny by corporate offices and directors and a result of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act as well as the rapidly changing conditions of risk facing all organizations, Clarity Concepts now offers a two-day Corporate Governance Risk Assessment package that is supported by a nationally known Business Interruption Accounting Firm. We help your executive team brainstorm and strategize on risk potential, focusing on "out of the box" thinking through visioning strategies and innovation methodologies. Once risk possibilities are accumulated, we work with an accounting firm to measure these risks so your risk management team can assess property and make the right risk management decisions. Our value proposition for this product offering includes:

1. Corporate Governance Risk Analysis opportunity for Senior Management in a short period of time

2. Opportunity to provide leadership support to Risk Managers and facilitate their communications with Senior Management

3. Reduced time frame in producing results. Our process has been known to reduce weeks of strategy work into a day and a half.

4. Environment to assess creative risk solutions, particularly for uninsured issues

5. Actual forecasts of the costs of potential crisis or disaster scenarios to increase risk management effectiveness.

6. Data provision to the company to better negotiates insurance pricing.