Clarity Concepts was formed in 1996 on the principle that with clarity of vision and congruent supportive action, you can achieve anything. Leaders in the business world are different from managers: they have a
knack for seeing beyond the horizon, taking managed risks, and a willingness to be on the frontier, as they inspire their work teams to do the same. We set about finding the most effective, robust tools for imparting leaders with the skills to envision the future in its many forms, and to apply innovation methodologies which allow their businesses to grow, compete and thrive. The clichéd but enviable ability to think "outside the box" is based on personal and group visioning skills, innovation methods, and the perpetuation of creativity throughout the organization.


Clarity Concepts’ goal is to provide consulting and training services that empower you—as an individual and as a team—to develop your business into a high-functioning organization through specially designed consulting and training programs that suit both individual and corporate needs. By working with you to develop effective leaders and enhance business creativity (innovation), you enjoy the following benefits:

    • Greatly enhanced management skills and retention
    • Leading-edge new products, services, and business processes
    • Enhanced productivity
    • Effective change-management capability
    • Excellence in understanding the customer

Finally, we believe in building ongoing consulting partnerships that continually add value to our client organizations. We develop longstanding relationships that help our clients grow over time.