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Developing Effective Leaders

Our work at Clarity Concepts™ focuses on enhancing individuals' and organizations' capabilities in the areas of leadership, innovation and managing risk. It is our belief that if you can systematically harness the power of creative ideas which come from your employees (and partners, suppliers, customers, et al.), your organization will enjoy a profound strategic advantage. If you have a proven, contemporary set of leadership tools then you can manage risk and navigate virtually any economic or competitive challenges. 

Individual Training

Jane developed the personal-visioning model, based on the acronym CLEAR, which has helped hundreds of professionals strive effectively toward their goals.

Corporate Leadership Consulting

Clarity Concepts™ provides individual coaching to assist employees and executives in their management and communication strategies.  This work can be with individuals, teams or individual team members as part of a team growth strategy.  The purpose of this work is work on individual self-discovery and address feedback that may be difficult for the individual to integrate. This work can help individuals understand their feedback from 360° evaluations from peers, customers and superiors.  The one on one process helps to examine the fact that all individuals have areas of needed leadership growth in a private, supportive environment.  This work has been provided to employees of WXPN radio, Airgas, NAPCO and SLM Waste and Recycling.


Leadership and Coaching

Jane obtained her Masters degree in Psychoeducational Process from Temple University. She has certifications in Holistic Health and Psychology. Jane’s approach to Leadership training and individual coaching is to help participants create health environments. Her Clarity Concepts™ for Positive Living supports individuals in their personal journey of success.


Frequently Asked Questions About the Labyrinth

Labyrinth Workshops and Facilitated Programs

(as Presented at WCIT Mid-Year Mentoring event)

  1. What is a labyrinth? The labyrinth is a meditative walking path. Unlike a maze, there is only one way in and one way out. Labyrinths are ancient designs found in cultures around the world. Ours is a replica of the labyrinth in Chartres Cathedral installed in the 12th There are Cretan, Native American, Greek, Turkish, Celtic and many other ancient labyrinths designs.
  1. How do you use a labyrinth? The labyrinth can be used as mirror for life. There is one way to the center. Corporate and community programs with the labyrinth can include: 
Stress Management
Decision Making
  1. How do you approach the labyrinth? It is important to know there is no right or wrong way to walk the labyrinth. Today we ask that you ask yourself the following question on your way into the labyrinth:   Touchstone Be Fearless: What is holding your back? And on when you reach the center, begin your way out and ask yourself: Touchstone Inspire: How can you pay it forward? Note that the labyrinth is a two-way street and you will need to share the path.
  1. How does the labyrinth work? The labyrinth has the power to allow the mind to go free by setting up a clear path and at the same time letting go and trusting that you will be led to the center. The turns can surprise you and take you to another side of the labyrinth in just seconds. There is also something very powerful about the fact that you are walking a design that many of walked for centuries. 
  2. Where are labyrinths in the Philadelphia Area? Bryn Mawr College, Chestnut Hill College, Doylestown Wellness Center, St. Stephens Episcopal, St. Thomas in Whitemarsh, The Medical Mission Sisters in NE Phila, St. Peter’s in Great Valley.